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Tiling North Brisbane provide services in the Greater Brisbane area for homeowners who want to renovate their homes.

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We aim to provide quality flooring and tiling services to shopfitters and developers, as well as residents.

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Best Bathroom Tilers in Brisbane Northside

Bathroom Tiler Brisbane

When remodeling your bathroom, one of the most important things to think about is what tiles you have available. Expert tilers can help you provide high-quality wall and floor tile services, whether you are replacing or installing new tiles.

Great bathrooms are an asset to any house. Beautifully designed bathrooms can add to the value of your house, just like a well-executed kitchen. The quality of the bathroom’s tiler and their skills will determine how luxurious it looks.

TNB is the right choice for bathroom tiles.

Bathroom Tiler Brisbane

Our Brisbane Northside Tiling Services

We can install a beautiful bathroom, relay new tiles onto your main floors and even tile your swimming pool. You will enjoy our friendly service, advice, and workers who will show up on-time and clean up after themselves.


You can also re-roof your bathroom and kitchen spaces if retiling is not an option. The entire process can be covered by your wall or floor tiler, including old grout removal and application to clean and finishing.

Depending on your application, you can choose which type of grout to use. Powdered grout is best for larger areas, while ready-mixed tubs are great for smaller ones.


We make it easy to waterproof any area before you start tiling. It is required by Queensland’s building regulations and it is vital that the waterproofing is done properly before any tile work can begin in a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room.

As experienced waterproofers, our expertise ensures your shower and bathroom tiling lasts. It prevents damage to the underlying structure or future renovations. This reduces the need for tradespeople, which makes us ideal tilers.


To remove or replace tiles, you will need a tiler. The new tiles come in sizes of 60×60. The total area that must be replaced is 20sqm


You can create stylish, functional and beautiful outdoor spaces by using natural stone or porcelain outside tiling. You can tile outdoors on patios, balconies and around swimming pools.

External wall surfaces are also covered by our outdoor tiling services. This non-structural material, also known as tile cladding can be used on many outdoor surfaces.


If your tiles are too large for the space they’re in, they will trim them to make it fit. Below is a list of the different tiling services that you have access to and what you can expect.

The tile fitter can lay tiles with skill so they last for many years. As long as the tiles are clean and flat, they can repair them. A flooring specialist can help you level uneven floors and eliminate any potential future problems.

Kitchen Tiling Brisbane


There are many sizes and styles available for tiles. A tile cutter is required if you don’t have a custom set. They can cut tiles to fit your walls or floors, and around obstacles like pipes or toilet bowls. The type of tile you use will determine the exact tools and method to follow.

The first step is usually the most important to create a guideline for precise cutting. For natural stones tiles they may use a blade tile cutter or a scorer to cut ceramic tiles. They can smoothen the edges and use a tile file to clean up any stray bits.

Kitchen Tiling

Kitchen Tiling Brisbane

TNB understands how crucial it is to do the right job for kitchen renovations. You can be confident that your job is in good hands with our qualified team of tiling experts. Our team is fully insured, licensed and certified. We also guarantee the highest quality work for the lowest prices.

You have many options for tiled kitchen splashbacks. Our teams are a top-rated kitchen tiler and can meet any requirement. We can do it all, from simple subway tiles and penny rounds to intricate herringbone designs or mosaics.

Are you unsure what design will work best in your space or design? Our tilers will help you choose the right shape, layout and design for your kitchen.

Kitchen Tiling Brisbane

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Commercial Tiling

Commercial Tiling Brisbane

Commercial spaces are often large and require careful planning. This is to ensure that the project stays on schedule and within budget. We recommend that you only hire a tile contractor who has experience in large-scale commercial projects.

Our tilers know that the success of any business depends on being able to rent or occupy your space quickly. This is why we always finish the job as promised.

Commercial Tiling Brisbane

Northside Brisbane Wall Tiling

Wall Tiling Brisbane

Wall tiling can make a huge difference wherever oil, water or food could splash. Wall tiling can now be found in bathrooms from the floor up to the ceiling. Wall tiling offers many benefits, including ease of maintenance and expression of design.

TNB is the best choice if you are looking for a wall tiler who can assist with choosing which tiles and at what heights to be used.

You should not attempt wall tiling if you aren’t confident enough. Many DIY-ers have stood and admired their work, only to be dismayed when his wall tiles began to fall to pieces.

Floor Tilers in Brisbane Northside

Floor Tiling Brisbane

Nothing is more refreshing than stepping on a tiled floor, especially when it’s hot. It’s no surprise that floor tiling has been a growing industry in Queensland. It’s a cool addition to your home that is easy to maintain and can add a lot of value.

TNB is a floor tiler who will help you plan and execute your tiles to maximize space appearance. Our promise is to provide a lasting finish that will not only look great, but also lasts for many years.

Tiles are a popular choice in Queensland due to their neat, tidy, and cool appearance. Tiles are well-suited for our humid and hot climate. If installed incorrectly, wall or floor tiles can become brittle and unusable. The quality of tiling depends on the skill and knowledge of qualified tilers.

The tiling of your home is an essential part of any renovation. You can’t do it all. It takes a lot of work and precision to tile floors. This procedure also requires specialized tools that are not available in the home.

Floor Tiling Brisbane
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