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High quality finishing on commercial and domestic projects.

Tiling North Brisbane offers high-quality, reliable bathroom tiling services in commercial and residential settings. Any size job is possible. We can handle all aspects of renovations, insurance claims and even bathroom installation.

We are highly respected in the industry and we do all kinds of work, including residential, commercial, industrial, strata, and retail. TNB is a leader in the industry, pushing boundaries and impressing every client.

Areas We Service

We serve Brisbane, Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast and Ipswich. We are available to help with your next project or for any bathroom tiling needs.

Rapid Timeline & Guarantee

Our clients will always be treated with respect and we guarantee that our work is done to the best standards.

TNB offers a 6 and 1/2 year guarantee and is proud to offer a fast turnaround and take on any job. We always clean up after ourselves.

Property Value Increase

A great bathroom can be a joy and a valuable asset to any property.

You can bring your personal style and personality to your home with tiles that have unique shapes, colours, and patterns.

Our Brisbane Bathroom Tiling 6-Step Process

We can install a beautiful bathroom and even relay new tiles onto your bathroom floors. You will enjoy our friendly service, advice, and workers who will show up on-time and clean up after themselves.


Measure from the walls to the floor. Next, use a straight edge to draw a line. You should ensure that the dimensions are straight and parallel to the walls. Measure from corner to corner to ensure you are square.


Make the hob using hebel blocks. These can be purchased at most Tile shops. You can cut the hebel with a handsaw.


Stick down the blocks of hebel. To make a loose mix, add the water to start.

Mix the mixture according to the earlier lines and then push the hebel into the cement. To bind the blocks together, add cement to the ends. After this, you can check for level and take out any cement that is not needed.


Mark the drop towards the drain before you start to make the screed. Australian regulations require that there be a minimum of ten millimeters fall for every 600 mm.


Pour the screed into the prepared bag. Mix the water into the screed. You can test for consistency by grabbing a little bit of the mixture with your hands and letting it sit. It should remain together.

Continue this procedure until the base is fully filled. Then use a level for evening out the surface. Make sure the screed matches the markings of the fall created earlier.

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After the screed has dried, sweep and prime the area. Use a Neutral Core Silicone Sealer to seal all the corners, including those of the floors and the hebel.

Bathroom Tile Installation

It is important to understand what takes place during a bathroom tile installation, just as with any home service.

Bathroom wall tiles are great because a carefully planned tile pattern can make your walls look like a piece of art.

Once you have chosen the tiles and selected the design, our professional team can begin to install them.

Bathroom Tile Repair

We have decades of combined experience in producing high-quality tiling. Our tilers are highly qualified, ready and available to create and repair tiles for your house or business. If you have specific requirements, we can remove old tiles and repair cracked tiles.

We will match your existing tiles to replace any old broken tiles.

Are your tiles cracked or chipped? It doesn’t matter what kind of damage it is, we can repair it. We will provide top-quality tiling services no matter what size or complexity of your maintenance or repair job. Get in touch with us to discuss all your tiling requirements.

Bathroom Tile Painting

Bathroom tile painting requires an experienced painter to paint the bathroom and separate toilet. We also provide sugar-soaped kitchen splashback tiles and benchtop paint.

If you need to help with painting, we have two bodies that are available.

Bathroom Tiling Services

The most difficult part of renovating a bathroom is removing old tiles. We will cover the existing fixtures, such as the sink and toilet with plastic sheeting.

We will use a chisel and a drill to take out each tile on the floor and wall of your bathroom. After the tiles have been removed you will be able to hire someone to dispose of them.

Bathroom Tile Cutting

Nearly every tile-cutting job involves cutting tiles. It is very rare for a wall or floor to be just right enough that the tiles will fit without having the edges cut.

However, if you are tiling your bathroom, you need to do some additional cuts to accommodate plumbing and taps.

Bathroom Tile Waterproofing

Waterproofing is essential to protect your foundations from damage caused by water ingress.

Waterproofing and tiling are two important aspects of a job that lasts many years.

Tiles can become loose from the substrate beneath them, allow water to seep or cracks if they are not prepared properly. It is also easier to spend too much on tile and other materials like grout and glue.

Our work is fully guaranteed. We are fully responsible if you have any problems with the waterproofing or tiling.

As Waterproofers, our expertise ensures your shower and bathroom tiling lasts. It prevents damage to the underlying structure or future renovations. This reduces the need for tradespeople, which makes us the perfect choice Brisbane tilers.


It will vary depending on how big your bathroom is, what kind of tiles are used and who your contractor is. For a bathroom of average size, tiling should take no more than 1-2 days. Experts are recommended for tiling services to guarantee efficiency.

A professional tiler with experience will usually charge $80 to $150 per hour for bathroom tiles in Brisbane.

However, you may be charged a per-square-meter rate. This can vary from $60 to $120, plus any applicable GST. The average cost of laying bathroom tiles is $60 per square meter plus GST.