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Your Best Tile Removal Services in Brisbane

Tiling North Brisbane are one of Queensland’s oldest floor-preparation business. We are experts in removing all types of flooring, and then preparing the surface. You can expect the best outcome possible for your new flooring with our help.

We are also a highly-respected tiling company among Gold Coast, and Ipswich residents.

Our quality delivery options and respect for time frames make us a top-rated choice.

Areas We Service

We serve Brisbane, Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast.

We are available to help with your next project or for any tile removal concerns.

Rapid Timeline

Our Tile Removalists offer fast, efficient and often quick service. Our prices are affordable and our expertise unmatched.

Removing all types of tiles

All floor coverings and tiles can be removed by us. We can remove any material. We offer floor removal services for ceramic tile, timber floors and vinyl. We even remove pool tiles.

Dust Minimisation

A poorly laid or uneven floor can have a negative impact on its longevity and appearance. We know this and will spend a lot of time and money fixing it. We use our expertise to make sure the job gets done right the first time. Our dust reduction and extraction methods are what we pride ourselves in. This means that we leave behind as little dust as possible when we take off your floor coverings.

We use modern dust control methods, including vacuums and physical barriers for removing tiles. While this is demolition, all appliances and cabinetry are protected.

Asbestos Removal

Although most tile removals can be done quickly and easily, adding asbestos to the mix makes it more difficult. Asbestos can cause severe lung damage if it is not removed correctly.

It’s important to hire a professional when dealing with asbestos tiles. This will ensure that the job is done correctly and leaves no trace of harmful particles behind in your home or business. The average cost of removing asbestos tiles is between $25- $50 per metre, but it’s worth calling a professional to provide an exact quote. NRA Tiling can help you solve tomorrow’s problems today.

Tile Removal & Installation 2-in-1 Service

Combining tile removal with installation is economic and efficient. You can use the same tilers to do both. You can rest assured that the final installation is in your mind when you do the first removal.

Two separate groups will be required to check each job. This adds an extra cost.

Tile Removal Services

Floor Tiling Brisbane

Are you looking for bathroom removals in your home?

We offer bathroom removals in and provide a fresh canvas to your bathroom renovation.

Kitchen Tiling Brisbane

Kitchen Removals

TNB is the company to call for kitchen removals in Queensland.

We offer professional and affordable kitchen removals that meet your deadline expectations

Commercial Tile Removal

Retail development is a fast-paced industry. There’s no time for waste. “Do the job once, and it will be done right” is our motto. The best choice for all jobs involving your floors is our expert team.

We can remove your floors, as well as do any other work you need at a reasonable price.

Risks with DIY

While it can seem like a good way to reduce the cost of tile removal, there are some dangers. You may damage the tile underneath if you’re not experienced or well-equipped. Before you do anything that could lead to costly errors, it is a smart idea to seek the advice of a professional tiling specialist.

NRA Tiling’s friendly and knowledgeable team will gladly walk you through the steps and answer all your questions about the process of removing tiles.


It can cost anywhere from $45 an hour to $150 to hire skilled professionals that will quickly do quality work. This will depend on what type of work you are doing, your business and additional tasks that may be required.

Removal of tile floors costs $1,486, but prices can vary between $981 to $1,992. Tile removal costs per square foot range from $3.27 to $6.64. There are many factors that can affect the price of removing a tile floor.

It takes about 1-2 days. If you have prepared the space and your tools, it may take less time. Although the work itself is not difficult, it can be tedious. 13 July 2022